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Hi! I am Troy Brooks, owner of C&C Mobile Detail and Wash. We offer ​extraordinary mobile detailing for all types of personal and professional ​vehicles We cater to clients who enjoy the luxury of a detailing service ​without having to sacrifice convenience. We are an LLC that is fully ​equipped, highly trained and completely insured. We travel to our clients’ ​locations with our own equipment, supplies, and electricity to deliver a ​service with the highest standards in quality and customer care.

At C&C, we put our customers first and always do our best to ensur​e complete satisfaction with each detailing service. The appearance of ou​r clients’ vehicles is of great importance to us, which is why we hold ourselve​s to meticulous standards in order to ensure the highest quality of service​. This includes the use of high caliber products, in addition to making sur​e that we are all thoroughly trained and always use the most advance​d techniques in the car detailing industry. We strive to not only meet ou​r clients’ expectations, but to exceed them through unparalleled service an​d convenient luxury. We can’t wait to meet you.​ ​



Standard Wash

Monthy Maintenance

The Works

Handwash, Dry, Vacuum Interior

(Estimated time: 1.5 hours)


Handwash, Dry, Vacuum Interior, wipe down interior, ​windows, tires dressed (Estimated time: 1.5-2 hours)

*This package is only offered within 30 days of a full ​detail package.

Starts at $130

Detail # 2

Most Popular

Detail 1: Plus floor mat shampoo, floorboard shampoo, ​seats cloth shampoo

(Estimated Time: 3-4 Hours)

$230 (+25 3rd Row Seats)

(+$100 Minivan/Suburban Sized Vehicles)

Detail # 1

The Works: Plus wheel wells, dash ​conditioned, consoles cleaned, trunk, all ​plastics cleaned and conditioned, leather ​cleaned, plastic blackout, trash removal ​(Estimated Time: 2-3 hours)

$195 (+ $20 3rd Row Seats)

(+100 Minivan/Suburban Sized Vehicles)

C&C Ultimate Detail

Detail 2: Plus Exterior hand wax and leather ​conditioner (Estimated Time 3-5 hours)

$320 (+25 #rd Row Seats)

(+$100 Minivan/Suburban Sized Vehicles)

A la Carte

Hand Wax

starts at $100

Pet Hair Removal

starts at $50

Carpet Shampoo

starts at $100

Cloth Upholstery Shampoo

starts at $100

Leather Cleaned and Conditioned

starts at $75

Travel Fee:

If travel time is 30 minutes or more away from Wylie


*Prices shown depend on condition of the vehicle and are subject to change.

Add on Services


Will remove most surface contamination. ​after this treatment your paint will be ​smooth as glass. This will help the car ​stay cleaner, longer. We recommend this ​treatment twice a year.

(Price will vary on situation, contact us ​for a quote)

* It is highly recommended to combine ​this treatment with the One Step Paint ​Correction treatment.


Perfect for daily drivers! Will remove ​most fine scratches & swirls from daily ​use, bring out the color of your paint ​and protect it for up to 6 months. This ​is accomplished by polishing your ​entire vehicle with a high speed buffer ​and a sealant that polishes, cleans, and ​seals your paint. We recommend this ​treatment once a year.

(Price will vary on situation, contact ​us for a quote)

* It is highly recommended to ​combine this treatment with the Clay ​Bar treatment.


We are professionally trained to remove ​scratches and swirls from your paint & leave ​it looking like new. As long as the scratches ​are not beyond the clear coat, we can fix it!

(Price will vary on situation, contact us ​for a quote)


Will bring your faded, yellow looking ​headlights back to life. Not only will your ​vehicle will look better, but you will also ​have better visibility at night!

( Starting at $50 a pair)


Degreased, cleaned, and protected.

(Starting at $50)


Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is an anti-static, weather-resistant nano coating that shines and protects your vehicle like no other! Ceramic coating works on the molecular level to transform the surface. Once treated, your vehicle will repel water and contaminants, and it will maintain a clear, reflective, hard-as-nails shine.

No more waxing

Long lasting shine and protection

(choose from 2 years or 5 years)

The slick surface allows your vehicle to stay clean longer

Easier to wash

Scratch resistance increased by up to 50%

Price will vary on situation.

Contact us for quote.






Ceramic Coating

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New Luxury Car on Black Background